The challenge
How can I approach my creative process in a new way in order to avoid creative block from inhibition and increase frequency of creation while tracking and understanding creative cycles?
The outcome
By using moon phases as a structure, and themes from my childhood, I tracked when I was most creative. Each month I would create 1 piece of visual art, 1 short story and 1 song based around each theme.
It all started the week before Christmas 2018. I was out on a run with my sister through the Redwood forest in Northern California. We both were in a creative block and were asking the question, Why can't we be as free as we were when we were children?
When we were kids, the word inhibition never crept into our minds and we wrote, drew, sang and danced however we wanted. This was the head space that I wanted to find again. Children have an innate connection to the earth, being closer to that side of the unknown. Reconnecting with these elements and cycles could help plug into nature's rhythms that happen all around us.
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